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Shortcomings of medical research

Even though every human being is quite unique and is completely different in regards to body composition, our conventional medicine still revolves around prescribing the same kind of generalised treatment for everyone.

While several approaches within the domain of medical research have evolved enormously these last couple of years, unfortunately there are still a number of shortcomings that often result in unnecessary complications and higher mortalities.

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personalized patient care

With current innovations in the field of personalised medicine and big data analytics, Bodylitica aims to improve patient informed decision making by providing thorough body composition knowledge. This personalised approach will lead to shorter hospital stays, less surgical complications and less dose-limiting toxicities. Bodylitica endeavours to achieve a higher quality of life for everyone.



Did you know that people with exactly the same body mass index (BMI) can have a completely different body mass composition?


Did you know that loss of skeletal muscle tissue with or without loss of fat is the main aspect of cancer-related malnutrition?

Quantity vs Quality

Did you know that the quality of our fat and muscle tissue is equally important as the quantity?

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